Legacy (About Us)

Sadık “$EDRIK The Jeweler” Üsküp was from izmir, Türkiye where he was an entrepreneur in jewelry. He was trained as a jewelry apprentice by Mr. Malki in Konak’s Gold Alley in the late seventies. Mr. Üsküp was known for his multi-lingual abilities, intellect, charisma, charm, creativity and customer service Mr. Üsküp believed in integrity, honesty, respect, kindness, and fairness; he treated every customer the same. He lived up to the exact meaning of his name wherein the root translates to truth, loyalty, and honesty. He started his namesake shop and brand in the late eighties designing custom pieces. In the nineties he and his wife welcomed his only child Dilara. Mr. Üsküp welcomed his daughter into his trade at the tender age of nine months where he employed her with her “first job” smiling for customers then later wrapping packages. Mr. Üsküp and his daughter began working on the DILARA’S DIAMONDS rebrand where they would launch in United States until his untimely and very sudden transition to the Infinite. DILARA’S DIAMONDS is a brand steeped in legacy, tradition, quality craftsmanship, ethical values with a foundation in a love between a loving father and his adoring daughter.